We are  the Proud Home Of 
Calgary Sport & Social Club (CSSC)

The CSSC adopts a "fun-first and winning-second" mentality to sports. They host fun leagues for badminton which are suitable for any age group or skill level! Singles and doubles (co-ed or not) included. 

Calgary Corporate Challenge (CCC)

The September Games focuses on providing Calgary & area corporate community with professionally managed team building events that emphasize fun, participation, inclusion, health & fitness, and positive teamwork. We host their badminton tournament!

FCR Badminton Club

Want a more competitive league with feather shuttles? FCR Badminton is what you're looking for! Skilled players gather weekly to earn a higher score, ranking, and prizes.

Calgary Pickleball Club (CPC)

As the primary organization for the development of pickleball in Calgary, the CPC offers various services such as coordinated play sessions, clinics, and much more. 

Calgary Seiyu Karate

Seiyu Karate is a full contact karate style in which its philosophy is reflected in the name; sei (faithfulness), and yu (courage). Programs are run by 2x North American Champion, Sensei Michi Nagase.

If you're interested in making SmashCity your home, please contact management at:

email: michiko@gao-badminton.com

phone number: (403) 569-0328